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The Maestrowave Combi-Chef 7
Combination Microwave Oven

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Leading the way with state of the art technology, the next generation of Maestrowave Combi-Chef is here. The new model builds upon the extremely successful recipe already created by the Maestrowave Combi-Chef range of professional combination microwave ovens.

The versatile Combi-Chef 7 features all the elements of cooking - microwaving, roasting, baking, grilling, steaming and defrosting in one compact, easy to use unit, with savings of up to 70% over traditional foodservice methods.

The Combi-Chef 7 features an SD Socket conveniently positioned on the front of the machine and is supplied with a Maestrowave SD Card conaining the latest version of the Menu Creator software.

This software ensures greater control can be acheived across multi-sited operations where menu consistency is vital. New menus can be developed centrally, then deployed via an updated card, at the touch of a button! Errors are eliminated, with perfect cooking stages and timings all pre-programmed so quality results can be delivered time after time, improving customer experience and reducing costly waste.

The Combi-Chef 7 package now includes an initial menu consultation and training with the Food Solutions Team, giving invaluable guidance from the experienced staff on how to maximise the capabilities of this versatile machine.

Maestrowave ovens are supported by a nationwide network of specialist dealers who are trained to offer advice on the installation and use of these outstanding products. Further backup is available via the sole distributor, R.H. Hall (Microwave) Limited whose catering consultants are able to assist with any enquiries.
Maestrowave offer help and advice wherever it is needed.
Purchasing a Maestrowave Combi Oven will be the best decision you'll ever make.
Your Combi-Chef will become an important part of your catering operation and will quickly repay your investment as it improves your productivity.
The Combi-Chef 7 is covered by a full 3 year on-site warranty.

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