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Can my microwave oven be repaired?

Yes! Ripples have specialised in repairing only microwave ovens for over 19 years!

We cover the NR postal district, which is the area in yellow on the map below:

Post Code Map

Over the years, as costs of new machines have reduced, the majority of our work is now on "commercial" microwave ovens. There are however, still many "domestic" microwave ovens that are well worth repairing, especially if they are "built in".

We are happy to give a free estimate, so it costs you nothing to find out if a repair on your microwave oven is viable. To give you a rough idea of likely cost, we work for
45 + Parts + VAT but we do offer a discount if you have more than one machine needing attention.

If you'd like to make an appointment, please ring us on the number below, or use our Freefone number: (0800) 622850

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